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4. Enterprise   Integrations   Understand   Your   ROI       ©   2014   TBoxCloud,   Inc.    Page   4   of   4   Visit   to   discover   the   possibilities                 Website : Email : Phone :    424 ‐ 999 ‐ TBox   (8269) Twitter :    /tboxcloud Facebook :    /tboxcloud LinkedIn :    /company/tboxcloud ‐ inc ‐ Headquarters :    Los   Angeles,   CA.

1.                   ENTERPRISE   INTEGRATIONS   Understand   Your   ROI     Notice   of   Confidentiality                                                                                     ©   2005 ‐ 2014   TBoxCloud,   Inc.   and   Others.   All   Rights   Reserved THIS   DOCUMENT   IS   TBOXCLOUD,   INC.   PROPRIETARY   AND   CONFIDENTIAL   INFORMATION   AND   IS   SUBJECT   TO   THE   TERMS   OF   THE   TBOXCLOUD,   INC.   NON ‐ DISCLOSURE   AGREEMENT.   NEITHER   THIS   DOCUMENT   NOR   ITS   CONTENT   MAY   BE   REVEALED   OR   DISCLOSED   TO   UNAUTHORIZED   PERSONS   OR   SENT   OUTSIDE   YOUR   INSTITUTION   WITHOUT   PRIOR   PERMISSION   FROM   TBOXCLOUD,   INC.

3. Enterprise   Integrations   Understand   Your   ROI       ©   2014   TBoxCloud,   Inc.    Page   3   of   4   5. ROI   Drivers:   Tangible   v.   Invisible   Studies   show   that   invisible   benefits,   such   as   personnel   productivity,   account   for   %50   of   technology   ROI.   When   calculating   the   ROI   of   an   Enterprise   Integration   solution,   companies   should   identify   and   take   into   account   the   invisible   benefits.    For   a   list   and   value   of   invisible   benefits,   TBoxCloud   recommends   enlisting   the   appropriate   department   heads,   the   COO   and   CFO   who   can   assist   in   quantifying   the   potential   returns   from   improved   productivity.   6. Cost   Comparison   between   Integration   Models   The   following   matrix   compares   the   tangible   costs   associated   with   different   integration   models.   For   example,   in   a   traditional   integration,   customers   must   purchase   the   licenses   for   the   middleware,   OS,   and   other   applications,   as   well   as   the   appropriate   server/technology   infrastructure   to   support   the   integrations.   In   a   Cloud ‐ based   integration   model,   such   as   the   ones   offered   by   TBoxCloud,   customers   only   pay   a   monthly   subscription   that   bundles   together   hardware,   software,   and   fully   managed   services,   including   support.   Cost   Type   Details   Traditional   Integration   Hybrid   Integration TBoxCloud   (Based   on   a   TBox Hub   PROFESSIONAL   Model) Vendors   Number   of   vendors   required   to   provide   the   various   products   and   services   Several   Several   1   INITIAL   COSTS   Software   Average   initial/1 st   year   license   investment   $321,000   $110,000   $12,000   Hardware   Average   Initial   hardware   investment   $355,000   $0   $0   Consulting   Average   consulting   cost   $208,000   $30,000   $20,000   Personnel   Average   fully   loaded   cost   of   personnel   to   support   the   deployment   $265,000   $30,000 *   $11,000   ONGOING   COSTS   Software   Average   software   license   maintenance   fee   $64,000   $110,000   $12,000   Support/SLA   Average   support   services   costs   $123,000   $55,000   $3,600   Personnel   Personnel   time   devoted   to   support   2 ‐ 6   FTEs   0.5 ‐ 1   FTE   0   *   0.5   FTE   for   6   months   at   $120,000   fully   loaded.     For   a   complete   list   of   TBoxCloud   offerings   and   integration   options,   please   visit   or   contact   us   at .     

2. Enterprise   Integrations   Understand   Your   ROI       ©   2014   TBoxCloud,   Inc.    Page   2   of   4   1. Cloud   Integrations   Deliver   1.5   to   2   Times   more   ROI   Companies   are   increasing   their   investment   in   cloud   integrations,   and   managed   services,   due   to   lower   upfront   costs,   faster   time   to   deploy,   and   lower   on ‐ going   costs   (infrastructure,   maintenance,   monitoring,   security,   support,   etc.).   However,   there   are   other   reasons   why   companies   are   investing   in   cloud   integrations,   beside   the   short ‐ term   value   and   payback;   studies   show   that   cloud   integrations   yield   1.5   to   2   times   more   ROI   than   on ‐ premise   solutions.    In   fact,   those   studies   show   that   cloud   integrations,   particularly   combined   with   fully ‐ managed   services,   continue   increasing   benefits   overtime,   especially   as   companies   keep   adding   applications   to   their   cloud   integrations.   2. Cloud   Integrations   are   delivered   on   average   50%   faster   The   technology   used   by   TBoxCloud   for   cloud   integrations   provides   the   ability   to   “configure”,   not   “develop”   integrations   and   deliver   integrations   50%   faster   on   average   compared   to   traditional   integrations.    In   addition   to   being   more   cost   effective   and   a   valuable   time ‐ saver   for   companies,   the   demand   on   customer   resources   during   implementation   is   also   minimized.   3. Hub ‐ Based   Cloud   Integrations:   More   benefits   that   traditional   solutions   Dealing   with   fewer   vendors,   using   scalable   technology,   and   bridging   the   most   critical   applications   for   consistent   data   quality   and   availability,   are   some   of   the   most   important   criteria   companies   expect   from   Enterprise   integrations   today   and   for   the   future.    A   Hub ‐ based   Cloud   Integration,   like   the   Award ‐ winning   TBox Hub   integration   solution   from   TBoxCloud,   is   the   preferred   and   most   successful   solution   available:   As   its   popularity   keeps   increasing   each   day,   companies   realize   the   benefits   and   cost   savings   to   implement   and   maintain   Unified   Enterprise   Integrations,   as   opposed   to   disparate   and   too   often   isolated   integration   solutions.     Hub ‐ based   Cloud   Integrations   accelerate   and   drive   sustainable   ROI   over   time,   while   other   tangible   and   invisible   benefits   continue   to   increase   on   a   monthly   basis.   4. Important   facts   about   Cloud   Integrations   1. Cloud   integrations   reduce   operational   cost   by   25%   on   average   (support,   maintenance,   etc.)   2. The   Benefits   from   cloud   integrations   increase   overtime,   and   increase   exponentially   as   other   applications   are   added   to   a   Hub ‐ based   Unified   Integration.   3. Cloud   integration   scalability   is   more   cost   effective   and   faster   to   deploy.    As   companies   grow   and   need   more   effective   processes,   improve   data   integrity   and   customer   experience,   they   expect   the   technology   to   support   and   adapt   to   the   business   objectives.   Not   the   other   way   around.     Case   Study:   Cerner :   Cerner’s   health   care   team   needed   to   streamline   and   automate   the   integration   of   data   from   various   applications   into   one   common   electronic   medical   records   application.   The   integration   and   automation   implementation   returned   a   628%   ROI,   Payback   in   6   months,   and   an   average   Annual   Benefit   of   $130K.  


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