Autotask++Salesforce Integration

The Only Official Solution, Complete and Reliable

Fully Automated, pre-packaged connector to synchronize your Autotask and Salesforce apps. Keep your data consistent and up-to-date.

With Pre-built functionality we shorten the time from provisioning to production while reducing your risks and costs. Faster deployments also means earlier benefits, cost savings...ROI.


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Supported Editions




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Supported Editions

  Professional (Sales Cloud/Service Cloud)

  Enterprise (Sales Cloud/Service Cloud)

  Unlimited (Sales Cloud/Service Cloud)

  Any other Salesforce products including:

  • Analytics Cloud,

  • Marketing Cloud,

  • Pardot,

  • Financial Services Cloud,

  • Commerce Cloud,

  • Salesforce DMP



All Features. Fully Managed Package 

$ 250 .00

/ month
  • Integration hosting and Security
  • Monitoring, Optimization
  • Maintenance, Support
  • Notifications

Quick Start Setup

Pre-built Functionality

$ 1,000 .00

  • Connector Provisioning and Connectivity Setup
  • Field Mapping and Transformation review
  • Data Integrity Diagnostics & Alignments
  • User Acceptance Tests & Deployment to Production

Custom Integration

Based on your Requirements

Contact us for a Quote based on your specific requirements

Time & Materials

  • Integration enhancements
  • Integration to additional systems
  • Self-Service Portal and Add-ons
  • Any other TBoxCloud Offerings







Tickets & Notes

...Fully Customizable

The Pre-built Connector can be enhanced to integrate additional objects and other systems/applications.



TBoxCloud Connectors enable the integration between 2 applications, or multiple applications in any combination.


Professional Services and Fully Managed Services provided by TBoxCloud.

Connector Purposes

To enable the timely availability of information between the applications.

To improve the quality and reliability of your data so you can call it “information”.

To provide a scalable integration platform that will reduce costs and risks as your business continues to change and grow, and ultimately reduce or prevent the need for additional resources and infrastructure.

Maintain compliance and compatibility, increase value gains as you add additional applications to your integration.

Centralized and Unified Integration Orchestration


Multipoint Integration Capability
Plug in any number of additional connector endpoints to the TBoxHub to connect Financial systems or services, Data warehouse, custom apps, etc. Access or update data from/to those other systems so your data remains consistent throughout your organization.

Uni or Bi-directional Synchronization between 2 or more applications in any combination or grouping.

Hub Topology


Ultimate Integration architecture for scalability and cost effectiveness.


Host System

Private Cloud


Integration Logic

Data Mapping (Standard and Custom fields), Data Transformations, Exceptions, Exclusions, Overrides, Conditions, Criteria, Workflows


Web Services (API)

Application Objects/Entities and Custom Correlation Tables

Pre-built/Packaged functionality:

- Account
- Account Types
- Countries
- Contact
- Opportunity
- Task
- User
- Case or Custom Object
- Quote or Custom Object
- Product or Custom Object

All corresponding Connector Objects are fully customizable to support customer specific requirements.

Salesforce Custom Fields and Objects

Full, including Pre-built Custom apps from TBoxCloud (e.g. Quotes, etc.)

Customizable Sync Options

Control which data should/shouldn’t be synchronized. Configured by Object, User, Geography, etc.



Data Cleansing & Enrichment

- Creates a trusted view of your information.

- Customizable algorithm to correct certain manual entries and maintain data consistency between the systems (e.g. US-> United States; USA->United States).


Data Deduplication

- The built-in algorithm prevents the creation of Data duplication.

- Data Quality Reports provide current state information on the health of your data including duplications. When required, corrections can be made from the connector.


Data Consolidation

- Unify your information by combining it with additional systems from other departments or external sources to go from a 360-degree to a 3-D view of your Customer, Business, and Market.  

Data Backup

The data backup/restore functionality can be enabled prior to setting up or making changes to the integration. The Data Backup functionality can also be enabled at regular frequency as part of a Disaster/Recovery strategy.

Automated Data Validation Diagnostics

(Identification of Data Inconsistency Between Systems)

Auto-generates reports to identify missing or unmatched data between systems that can prevent the update of certain records. Those reports contribute in maintaining good quality and reliable data across systems and the organization as a whole.)

(Fully customizable for Pre-production and Production)



Exclusions Functionality

(Exclude records from being updated based on specific rules and conditions e.g. Objects, Users, Geography, etc.)


Exceptions Functionality

(Allow or prevent field data updates based on specific rules and conditions)


Overwrites Functionality

(Overwrite field data based on specific rules and conditions)


Synchronization Notifications

Know the What, When, and Where of your data synchronizations.


Synchronization Triggers

- Synchronization triggers: Scheduled or real-time updates.

Full Automation of Schedules and Processes

Any number of custom Schedules and Real-time triggers based on customer requirements.

International Considerations



- Currency(Customizable)

- Legal Compliance

- Standard Compliance

- Geo-based Provisioning and Operations

Extreme Privacy & Security



Use of Private Clouds and State-of-the-art Data Encryption
(Audited by Independent Security Firm)

Fully Managed

Provisioning, maintenance, monitoring, and support of the entire systems infrastructure.



- No additional costs for:

- Infrastructure (Hardware, Software, and associated Services)

- Licenses

- Maintenance

- Monitoring

- Support

- Security

- Compliance

- Performance Management

- Resources

- Training

- Domain Expertise

Benefit-Cost Ratio

High (Superior)



Commercial Applications

TBoxCloud builds Salesforce Applications to enhance the Salesforce functionality and facilitate its Integration with other applications and services.

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Business & Technical Consulting

As a Salesforce certified consulting partner, TBoxCloud provides expert services in both the development of Salesforce functionality and Systems Integrations.

Autotask Integrations Partner

SMBs and Enterprise Customers alike are able to leverage TBoxCloud’s Integration Connectors and Hubs to keep 2 or more of their systems synchronized.